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Tomer Shushan Award-Winning Short White Eye

November 13, 2020

Winning Oscar-qualifying Awards at South by Southwest and Urbanworld Film Festival, and recently also winning Best Short Film at El Paso Film Festival, Writer-Director Tomer Shushan rethinks the principles of morality in White Eye; a short film following a man’s efforts to retrieve his stolen bike, now in possession of a stranger.

Shushan depicts a man enthralled in his privileges; his actions fueled by a need to punish the supposed thief that inconvenienced him. There are clear distinctions between the two men. Their only connection is the bike, a physical symbol representing a form of freedom that can be given or stolen; its definition varying by circumstance and person.

Shushan encourages the audience to rethink their morals and question the accelerant of their past actions. Further questioning circumstances that led to irreparable measures, where, similar to the “protagonist,” one could not fully comprehend their selfish behavior.