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Where will the El Paso Film Festival take you?

Our festival alumni are making their mark in the Film and Television industry all across the country and they have some great stories to share about our film festival! We are proud of our filmmaker alumni, their achievements, and contributions to the bi-national community of El Paso, Las Cruces, and Cuidad Juárez.

Robert Rodriguez & Patricia Vonne

Profession: Filmmakers
Festival Year: 2019
Filmography: RED 11 | Cold Dark Hallow

We are grateful to the El Paso Film Festival for bringing us to our mother's hometown to share our films together. We hope people have a great time, to be inspired, to never lose their love for the arts, for music, for live entertainment, because without an audience the arts will wither away.

David Blue Garcia

Profession: Writer & Director
Festival Year: 2018
Filmography: Tejano | Texas Chainsaw Massacre

El Paso Film festival is a wonderful new fest founded and run by filmmakers who are active in building the West Texas film community. Go for the weekend and you will receive the star treatment, eat well, and make new friends. You may even be lucky enough to receive a guided tour of some hot spots El Paso and nearby Juarez, Mexico from the festival staff.

Sharon Arteaga

Profession: Writer & Director
Festival Year: 2020 | 2019
Filmography: When You Clean a Stranger's Home | Plane Pretend

I attended in person in 2019 and had to come back. This year, due to the pandemic, it went virtual. EPFF had one of the most unique virtual platforms I had seen this year. They set up a channel on Roku, Apple TV, and Fire devices, which gave us access to a different audience. It also made it very easy for me to leave my computer at the end of the day, get cozy on my couch, and consume night cap short films each day on my television.

As a panelist, I learned so much from my fellow panelists. I also tune into other panels that helped me on my production this past month. Cannot wait to keep attending this fest.

Mark Dennis

Profession: Writer & Director
Festival Year: 2018
Filmography: Time Trap

Great venues, fun parties, and welcoming people. Everyone with the festival was really friendly and after the opening night movies played, we all went out to a bar down the street. If you can go to one of the filmmaker mixers before the screenings, you'll eat and drink like royalty. I've been to dozens of film festival Q&A's and countless other movies and have never seen so much excitement in a theater. Good job, EPFF Year One.

Erin Mcgoff

Profession: Director & Editor
Festival Year: 2020
Filmography: Darrouzett, TX | This Little Land of Mines | New York is Silent

EPFF is a wonderful festival run by equally wonderful people! Although COVID impacted this year's event, they still were incredibly organized and programmed some excellent films. This is definitely a festival on the rise. I'm already excited for next year (where we can hopefully be in person!)

Andrew Shebay

Profession: Producer & Director
Festival Year: 2020
Filmography: Woke the Monster

We were very honored to be accepted and receive the Producer's Award at El Paso Film Festival this year. We wish we could have been there in person but due to Covid the festival had to make the decision to go virtual. However, it was an amazing experience and our film was able to reach more viewers.

The Q&A sessions hosted by Carlos Corral were great and we're very thankful that this festival stepped up to the plate and was able to proceed with such an amazing festival with everything else going on. Thank you to El Paso Film Fest and all the Staff for such a great fest this year! Look forward to seeing everyone in person next year.

Kevin Ford

Profession: Producer & Director
Festival Year: 2020
Filmography: The Pushback

El Paso Film Festival is an incredible festival, and I was honored that our film The Pushback was able to be a part of it this year. 2020 was so challenging for filmmakers, and I was inspired from afar watching how EPFF remained dedicated to helping filmmakers get their works seen, and created an entire virtual festival to keep many of our dreams alive!

The diversity of the programming is worth noting, and I believe it inspires a very wide audience to participate. I'll be keeping my eye on EPFF and hope to bring many more films there in years to come!

Denise Dorado

Profession: Actress
Festival Year: 2019
Filmography: Amalia

I can't tell you what an incredible time we had at the festival! Wow!! From seeing old friends, to meeting many wonderful new people, and finally sharing 'Amalia' with our city, it was truly a PERFECT experience. Thank you again for all of your hard work putting this together!

Chris Cole

Profession: Producer
Festival Year: 2019
Filmography: Porno | Elsewhere | I Am You

Great festival, with a great staff. Carlos, the director, organizes a very seamless and efficient series of screenings and events within the tight-knit community of El Paso, so you always know where to go, and actually get to know people. The venues are beautiful, with the main theater being a historic one that was beautifully renovated. Hosting it over a long weekend without a bunch of competing screenings, and plenty of local programming, creates a congenial atmosphere that is hard to find.

Sommer Saqr

Profession: Producer
Festival Year: 2019 | 2018
Filmography: Red Christmas | Sepia

Impressive new festival in the heart of downtown El Paso.  Beautiful venues, friendly staff, dynamic films, engaging Q&A sessions.  You’ll keep busy with short film blocks during the day and be treated to features at night.  Plenty of time to explore the city between programs.  Was fortunate to watch several films that have gone on to gain critical acclaim nationwide. 

Festival organizers were warm and welcoming and they hosted a catered mixer opening night which was such a nice way to unwind, recharge and meet fellow filmmakers.  Accomplished filmmakers were gracious and unassuming, open to chatting with their newer counterparts before and after screenings.

You get the feeling there’s a strong, supportive community here.  A super fun experience! Texan hospitality at its best!

Michael Vukadinovich

Profession: Writer & Director
Festival Year: 2020
Filmography: The Priest | Kidding

This is a super cool, well-organized festival with great films, friendly and communicative people, and cash prizes! I loved the indie spirit of it and so happy to have been apart of it.

Michelle Moraveg

Profession: Writer & Director
Festival Year: 2019
Filmography: Just Us

I had such an amazing experience as a filmmaker at the El Paso Film Festival! All the filmmakers, staff, guest speakers, and volunteers brought so much life and passion to the festival. The films were played in a beautifully restored theatre which was conveniently located within walking distance to all the events. A lot of thought and love was put into all the details of the festival which made it run smoothly. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to discover a great community of filmmakers at the festival.

Rayell Abad

Profession: Director & Sound Mixer
Festival Year: 2018
Filmography: La Casita de Mati

This is a great space for filmmakers to connect with the audience as everyone gets to talk about their respective projects. The networking at the end of the projections is great. I'll look forward to this festival every year.

Robert Robles

Profession: Writer & Director
Festival Year: 2019 | 2018
Filmography: Reaper | Rook

Awesome selection of shorts and features in a lineup that lasts over several days and several venues. The fact that there are cash prizes for submissions is awesome. Organization employees were super friendly and helpful throughout the entire process. They organized a lunch and snack break for anyone who wants to show up really and mix with the filmmakers. I'll make it a point to show up every year. It was a great time.

Andrea Calleros

Profession: Producer
Festival Year: 2019 | 2018
Filmography: Reaper | Gatekeeper

Every year I look forward to this film fest! Through these two years I have met amazing filmmakers, artists, activist, and all kinds of people. I truly believe that a growing festival such as this is something El Paso needs. I have enjoyed so many great films/shorts/documentaries that other wise I wouldn’t get to see and that have expanded my mindset about many different issues. I can’t wait for next year!!!

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