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Robert Rodriguez in the house

November 01, 2019

On an unusually cold night in the Sun City, Robert Rodriguez – a revered independent filmmaker – hosted a screening of his new movie “Red 11” and gave a master class in low-budget filmmaking.

The film and presentation were part of the second annual El Paso Film Festival held at the Plaza Theatre and surrounding venues Oct. 24-27.

Rodriguez shared brainstorming ideas and gave  examples of his own trick photography through editing, including a scene in “Red 11” when a character gets stabbed in the eye with a hypodermic needle – shot with no special effects aside from creativity and good editing.

A large portion of Rodriguez’s presentation focused on motivation.

“People always tell me that they don’t have the time and aren’t ready to make films. That’s gonna be on your tombstone. ‘He was never ready and he didn’t have the time.’ Why should you be ‘ready’ for art when we’re never ‘ready’ for life?”

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