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Musical Mastermind Money Mark Elevates Comedy Band The Sloppy Boys in Hilarious Blood Sweat and Beers

September 30, 2023

Blood Sweat and Beers is a hard movie to explain, but a very easy movie to love. It tells the story of musician and producer “Money Mark” Ramos Nishita — a musical mastermind known for his work with everyone from The Beastie Boys to Beck to the Red Hot Chili Peppers to the Rolling Stones — and his brief, bountiful collaboration with The Sloppy Boys, a comedy-rock act you may have never heard of.

But in the joyous new documentary Blood Sweat and Beers: The Making of a Comedy-Rock Classic, Money Mark elevates the comedian-musicians to flashes of musical brilliance, and teaches us all lessons about the power of good collaboration.

Is the album they made together, entitled Sonic Ranch, actually comedy-rock classic? I don’t know, but the movie might be.

Meet The Sloppy Boys

El Paso news anchor Robert Holguin directed the film, which premiered to a very happy response at the El Paso Film Festival on Friday night. Holguin said the project came about because he was an old friend of Money Mark and a fan of The Birthday Boys, a comedy team championed by Bob Odenkirk that had a show on IFC for two seasons in 2013-14.

Three of The Birthday Boys, Mike Hanford, Tim Kalpakis and Jefferson Dutton, spun off into The Sloppy Boys, who host a successful podcast and released three albums prior to Sonic Ranch.