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Lucky McKee directs episode of Rian Johnson's Poker Face

February 01, 2023

McKee described working with the show’s creative team as “unbelievable.”  

“Poker Face” is a “howcatchem,” a weekly murder mystery, a la “Columbo” and “Murder She Wrote,” in which a murder occurs early in the episode and main character Charlie Cale (played by Natasha Lyonne of “Russian Doll”), who can tell when people are lying, must sift through the clues to solve the crime. Lyonne is joined by different guest stars each week, including Benjamin Bratt, Chloe Sevigny, Ellen Barkin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Nick Nolte and Brandon Michael Hall.

“Poker Face” is the first TV venture for Johnson, known for box-office blockbusters “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” and “Knives Out,” and its sequel “Glass Onion.” Johnson and McKee appeared in each other’s student films at the USC School of Cinematic Arts in the 1990s.

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