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Going Nowhere Is a Meta Indie Comedy

April 12, 2023

There have been many great movies about movies, as the act of filmmaking can sometimes be more dramatic and entertaining than the actual films themselves (see the documentary Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley's Island of Dr. Moreau, for example). From Truffaut's Day for Night to Fellini's 8½, films about films have resulted in some true masterpieces.

The upcoming comedy Going Nowhere, which premieres via VOD on April 25th, hopes to follow that trend, perhaps more in the vein of Christopher Guest's great mockumentaryFor Your Consideration, or David Mamet's satire, State and Main, than Fellini or Truffaut. It's an indie comedy directed by and starring Izzy Shill alongside, Diana Irvine, Geoff Marslett, Devon Wycoff, Felipe Dieppa, Matt Ransdell Jr., Stefan Singh, Alec Richker, Andy Blieden and Zachary Webber.


Check out the exclusive trailer below: