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Exclusive: Stephen Lang, Lucky McKee, and Marc Senter Discuss Old Man

October 11, 2022

When Covid-19 hit hard and the world collectively hid to survive, creative people got restless. This resulted in a plethora of small 'bottle movies' in which a few actors utilized a single space to tell a story. Recent examples of Covid cinema like Windfall, 7 Days, Language Lessons, Host, and many more attests to the unbridled artistry of bored, entrapped people who just wanted to keep doing what they do best — make a movie.

Director Lucky McKee, who proved he was a horror genius with his modernized Frankenstein movie May and his masterpiece The Woman, was no different. Neither was the great actor Stephen Lang who, after excelling in films like Gods and Generals and Avatar, was no stranger to the horror-thriller genre thanks to his intense performance in Don't Breathe.