Lucky McKee

Award-winning screenwriter, director, and novelist

McKee is best known for the 2002 cult hit May, the 2006 schoolgirl chiller The Woods and the notorious 2011 Sundance shocker The Woman as well as noir-thrillers such as Blood Money starring John Cusack, Kindred Spirits starring Caitlin Stasey, Thora Birch and Macon Blair. His latest film, Old Man, stars the legendary Stephen Lang and more recently, he directed an episode of Peacock’s smash hit detective series POKER FACE.

In 2006 McKee joined Showtime’s groundbreaking anthology series MASTERS OF HORROR, directing the one hour original film “Sick Girl”.  He also contributed segments to the anthology films TALES OF HALLOWEEN and DEATHCEMBER. 

After co-writing and co-directing a reboot of ALL CHEERLEADERS DIE and premiering it at the Toronto International Film Festival, McKee shifted his creative sights to directing noir-thrillers with BLOOD MONEY (2017) starring John Cusack and KINDRED SPIRITS (2019) starring Caitlin Stasey, Thora Birch and Macon Blair. 

In 2022 McKee’s film OLD MAN starring Stephen Lang and Marc Senter was released to critical acclaim. 

He has co-authored 3 award-winning novels with Jack Ketchum: THE WOMAN, I’M NOT SAM, and THE SECRET LIFE OF SOULS. 

He has produced or executive produced multiple films including THE LOST, ROMAN, DARLIN’, JUG FACE, FIRST DATE, the recent hit film THE MAN WHO KILLED HITLER AND THEN THE BIGFOOT starring Sam Elliot, and the upcoming animated feature THE WEIRD KIDZ. 

McKee’s latest directorial effort is his Emmy nominated episode “Time of the Monkey” from Peacock’s smash hit detective series POKER FACE.