Teresita Gonzalez Corral

El Paso Pro Musica, President & Diocese of Las Cruces, Chairman

Teresita Gonzalez Corral has achieved the great distinction of being a Papen Family Award recipient and advisory board member for El Paso Pro Musica and the El Paso Pro Musica Foundation.

She has been among the most visible and influential proponents of the arts while nurturing the philanthropic side of numerous donors throughout the region.

Teresita has achieved the great distinction as ambassador and advocate for the arts by receiving the “Papen Family Award” in 2016 from the Dona Ana Arts Council and by being on the cover of El Paso Magazine in 2007 (Polo With A Purpose) for recognition of her tireless efforts and relentless dedication to advancement of the arts in our region.

She remains a stalwart and a consummate proponent for the arts by demonstrating her personal love for the arts through her participation in countless boards, events and financial support to many organizations. She presently sits on the advisory board for El Paso Pro Musica and the El Paso Pro Musica Foundation with the Paso Del Norte Community Foundation.