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White Eye selected as Short of the Week

February 02, 2021

After leaving the gym, Omer spots something that catches his eye…his beloved bike. Stolen a month-ago, it’s now back within his reach, if he just could get the lock off it. Determined to retrieve his property, by any means necessary, he inadvertently sets off an unfortunate chain of events, that will have major implications on those involved.

Shot in one-take, Tomer Shushan’s Ayn Levana (White Eye) crafts a subtle and layered drama with impeccable pacing, holding the audience’s breath hostage throughout its 20-minute runtime.

Based on a real-life incident involving Shushan, the writer/director explains that after discovering his stolen bike in the middle of the street an “aggressive instinct came out of me, and I couldn’t go away without the bike”. Just after the experience, the filmmaker met with his mentor, who prompted him to take the events and form them into a screenplay.

Loosed based on the IRL situation (thankfully, that had a happier ending) and the emotions involved, you can imagine that writing it when it was still so fresh in his mind, still overwhelmed and high on adrenaline, was key to injecting the narrative with its authentic intensity and energy.