Saturday, October 16
10:30 PM  -  12:30 AM
Philanthropy Theatre
104 | Narrative Feature
Director: Hafid Abdelmoula
Screen Writer: Hafid Abdelmoula
Producer: Hafid Abdelmoula, Trudel Abdelmoula
Language: English
Year: 2021
Country: United States

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Lost in an unknown and timeless land, IDIR finds himself with KASHOU a woman who claims to be his mother, crossing through a village that lives by absurd and maniacal rules. Not remembering his past Idir convinces Kashou to settle there and start a new life, but to do so he must get an -ASIV- which is to marry from the village. Beda, a woman who shares secrets with Tsicar (the village leader) marries Idir and quickly things take a decidedly strange turn when the rule about new borns is unveiled.